At Uniform we celebrate diverse thinking, welcome contributions from everyone and expect everyone to bring their whole selves to work.

We are always looking for more experts who are self-guided and are genuinely excited by creating new things that push the company and us as people forward. The values that set Uniform apart are:

  • Together We Lead — We are leaders, innovators and creators, we do the right thing when nobody is watching, we expect to be asked for help and we collaborate hard to achieve incredible results.

  • Permission to Change — We challenge ourselves and each other as we create positive, meaningful change. We believe in the impact we can have on our customers, ourselves and those we care about and we take ownership in making that impact real.

  • We Listen, We Care — We spend time making sure that all voices are heard and valued, we genuinely care about a true dialogue with our customers and build on that to make amazing things happen.

Even though we’re not a huge team (yet) we already live in 17 different cities across 7 timezones and we’re fully remote and committed to giving you the choice to work however makes you most comfortable and productive.

We’re always looking for awesome people to join our team, if you’re interested in joining and none of the roles below seem like a good fit email your CV to